IoT in Agriculture

IoT in Agriculture

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Connected Farming is the mantra of new generation agriculture. A study by Food & Agriculture Organization state that global population that is expected to grow by 70% by 2050. (Reference: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

What does this mean for Farmers, Agriculturists and Economies globally, is the big question of the day. For us this question presents a set of challenges such as:

  • Limited agriculture / farming friendly land
  • Water Shortage
  • Upsurge in cost of product

Our constant thinking to address these challenges has resulted in shaping the solutions coupled with longstanding R&D. Our solutions are being developed addressing these dares whilst focusing on increasing the output quantity with increased quality, coupled with cost effective agricultural production for sustainable future. The solutions broadly operate in the following areas:

  • Remote monitoring and detection of soil moisture
  • Yield Stage / Crop Growth monitoring
  • Monitoring of Livestock feedstuff levels,
  • Operate, Manage and Control connected Agriculture, Farming, Irrigation and Livestock equipment
  • Provide deep insights to enable informed decision making by using intelligence based analytics to quickly analyze data from various sensors as well as other sources like weather reports etc.

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