IoT in Education

IoT in Education

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IoT is embarking its integration into education space besides the conventional education system. Education institutions or educationists might have perceived IoT as a complimentary attribute either to save resources or harness the credible analysis from vast informative data.

Nonetheless, IoT role in education system can be and will be an ulterior amalgamation in near future. In-order to unleash the full potential of inclusion of IoT companies that are developing solutions must shift their thought process from devices / process to innovating products that are practical and reasonable to every characteristic of the education space right from Teachers / Instructors, Students / Knowledge seekers, Moderators / Administrators, Facilitators and Institutions.

Since IoT is just not about preparing students to be qualified as technology literates, improved content delivery system, bespoke and collaborative instruction / testing systems. It is about elevating the learning experience of the next generation who are in pursuit of the destination that paves way for limitless possibilities.

Our solutions listed below are a combination of such thoughts:

  • Interactive digital learning
  • Mobile & Tabs based education coupled with edutainment.
  • Diverse learning sources.
  • Connected Communication among studentsand faculty.
  • Security Features
  • Anytime, Anywhere learning
  • Temperature Control (A recent study indicated that temperatures of the learning are have a significant influence on the learner's reasoning abilities, retention and approach.)
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Assessments
  • Analytics - For us analytics is just not about scoring and grades. We provide insights into the untapped, unknown student potential till the last mile

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