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As most of the private and public sector companies started following Zero-based budgeting for each of their financial year, there are many challenges associated with escalatedpricing on hardware and software infrastructure and many such organizations struggle to minimize their infrastructure cost while safeguarding the critical cyber assets of the organization.

We help various public sector and private sector enterprises in the area of education, healthcare and universities to overcome these challenges by providingintegrated Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions with best-in-class functionality on a subscription basis.

With our experience, we help our clients in the area of application development, data management, business analytics, integration, and content and process.

  • Easy-to-configure platforms that are optimized for “plug-and-play” re-use
  • Simplified integration through a large, open API structure with many pre-built connectors to common legacy and ERP platforms
  • Use of the best tools in the marketplace to support the business needs of public sector markets, where regulations and compliance are critical to the nature of the business.

With PaaS solutions, your organization can:

Buy only the infrastructure you need: Eliminate large investments in hardware and datacenters, with no wasted excess capability.

Select only those functionality that is required: Our PaaS solutions are flexible and adaptable, giving you control over which tools are installed to meet your specific requirements.

Accommodate remote teams in different locations: Project and support teams have the secure connectivity into our platforms so that application builds and support can be provided 24x7x365.

Administer Security: Our subscription-based PaaS model includes secure data centers, backups, recovery and strict adherence with industry standards and practices.

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